How to Get Kids Excited about Fractions


This fraction craftivity is my favorite way to introduce or review fractions! The students get to get creative and decorate kites that make the cutest bulletin board displays. The project is quick and really easy to implement – and it passes the sub test! (You can leave it to the sub with little to no explanation). Grab your copy here!

How I use Fraction Kites in my Classroom

I have my students choose five colors they want to use on their kite grid. They can then decorate their own design. Minecraft theme is usually a hit! They can create patterns or try to create a specific picture of something.

They use their same five colors to color in the ribbons. After they’re done, on the ribbons, the students find what fraction of the kite is the corresponding color. So for example, they write what fraction of the kite is red on the red ribbon.

In my own class, I have my students create a multiplication equation from the grid array so they can determine the denominator. Then, after they find each fraction for each color, they have to order the fraction ribbons from least to greatest. Tape the ribbons onto a piece of yarn and attach it to the kite. It’s ready to hang!

The template for the kite and ribbons is all on one page, making it easy to copy and cut out.


To extend the project, there is also a student recording sheet to record the math, a writing component, and vocabulary cards that go with the lesson. 




Click here to download Fly Your Fractions!


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